Otherwise called the butterfly bush, this plant is adorned with butterflies in summer and is easy to grow in almost any soil.

Depending on the variety, Buddleia will flower in pink, red, white or purple. As the shrubs can grow from 5’ to 8’, the plant needs pruning well in Spring.

2. Lavender


This plant stems up to a meter tall with heads of pale purple heads that flower from August to October.

This plant is easy to grow from seed, plant between March and April in well-drained soil. Verbena Bonariensis can provide useful height at the back of a border.

4. Marjoram


The Perennial Wallflower is a sweet-smelling purple flower which flowers from April all the way through the summer.

Otherwise called the Bowles Mauve, it makes a great bedding plant that will grow well in full sun or light shade. For the best growing results, you should plant in well-drained soil.

6. New England Aster


This pretty flower is scented of meadows and sweet cake which makes it irresistible to butterflies and moths. Some varieties which are good for growing at home include two pinks, Eva Cullum and Monica Lynden-Bell. Franz Schubert is a good lilac variety.

8. Centranthus Ruber

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