Edited by the super-knowledgeable Heidi Rader, who teaches online and in-person about local foods and agriculture, the Alaska Master Gardener blog offers a wealth of tips.

If you want to learn about anything from crop rotation in raised beds to vermiculture, check out this awesome educational blog.

And the reason it’s kicking off our list of blogs for small greenhouses is because of the awesome post they just did on Growing Family Blog Banner With Catherine Hughes

Monty Don side profile sat in a shed with hanging plants outside

Two Thirsty Gardeners Blog Banner

A Coastal Plot blog banner with cliffs overlooking the sea

Down To Earth Blog banner with Alan Down wearing a wreath as a hat

blog banner for the frustrated gardener

Blog banner for Savvy Gardening

You can find Dan at Mandy Watson of Mandy Can U Dig It holding a magazine

On her blog, you’ll find a month-by-month planner for garden jobs as well as design ideas and sections with plants broken down into perennials and annuals – it couldn’t be easier to find what you’re looking for!

Mandy Can U Dig It also has sections on pests and plant diseases, garden design ideas and even a helpful link archive so you can exactly replicate the products and composts that Mandy uses. Seriously, go check out posts like Kev of An English Homestead sat in a trench smiling

Stay-at-home Dad and avid gardener Kev and his family look like they have an absolute riot on their farm and there’s everything from carpentry posts to recipes on their beautiful blog. 

Kevs tips on things like getting your small greenhouse or Elien Lewis of Home Grown Happiness crouching and smiling

Making the most of her small suburban backyard, Elien grows with eating in mind. So if you want monthly gardening to-do lists as well as recipes to turn peaches, blackberries, blueberries and more into delicious treats – look no further.

Home Grown Happiness just had to be on our list for bringing our loves of gardening and sweet treats together. And with awesome hacks like her Plants Bulbs Seeds blog banner

Ellen Mary of Ellen Mary gardening smiling behind tall house plant

That’s why we feel so thankful that we can head over to Ellen’s awesome gardening slash health and wellness blog to pick up top tips on things like Sheila Averbuch of The Stopwatch Gardener wearing glasses and smiling

So if you want to have a giggle whilst getting greenhouse-ready, check out some of our favourite posts like black and white photo of David Marsden of The Anxious gardener with a frown and his hand to his head

And, anxious though he may be, professional gardener David Marsden has long been on the shortlist of bloggers to watch. Writing with a wry, very human perspective, we’ve followed his gardening adventures with interest (and no little bit of envy).

But when it comes to writing about anything from Marianne Willburn of Small Town Gardener smiling from behind large leaves

You can read up not only about her gorgeous shade and sunny gardens but about homestead life surrounded by animals and woodlands. Marianne posts regularly about anything and everything, from her ‘Weed Smart’ series (which we love!) to gardening from her dog Mungo’s perspective. 

Learn more about growing edibles and ornamentals in your small greenhouse with fantastic posts like Jeanne Grunert of Home Garden Joy leaning against a gate and smiling

Over the course of her career, Jeanne has written acres-worth of content on her blog with posts on everything from vertical growing to grub identification. We also love her recipes section which, on top of all the usual home-grown salads, has a great set of posts dedicated to preserving and pickling.

Check out our all-time favourite, John Moore of Pyracantha sat on a planter holding a garden tool

With over 20 years of experience as a professional gardener and nurseryman, he shares tips with the more than 1million people who visit his site every year. Pyracantha is helpfully broken down into product reviews and gardening articles with loads of sections to choose from.

For example, we never realised there was so much to know about Rajul Shah of The Small Gardener with a child smiling

She’s got a seriously awesome A to Z of gardening over on The Small Gardener as well as more personal blog posts which really help bring a balance to her content. And if that wasn’t enough, Rajul peppers her posts with loads of jokes which make every read a joy.

Check out her great guide on Geoff Stebbings of The Biking Gardener

From training at The Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew to writing Growing Your own Fruit and Veg for Dummies and Spring Bulbs, Geoff has had a shining career. And over at The Biking Gardener, he shares his self-proclaimed ‘eclectic’ teachings for us all to enjoy.

Geoff’s also one of the most frequent posters on his blog on this whole list (maybe in the entire horti-blogging sphere!). So if you ever wanted to find out about Mark and Gaz from Alternative Eden leaning over a railing and smiling

They’ve also got lists of plant profiles and a great directory of public gardens that they’ve visited along with posts on all of them. So if you want to take a more relaxed approach to get ideas for what to grow in your small greenhouse, Alternative Eden is the place to do it.

And if you want, check out one of our favourite posts from Mark and Gaz on Jill Anderson of Growing Nicely stood smiling

And we’d have to say that Growing Nicely passes that test with flying colours – hence, why we had to feature it on our list!

A full member of The Garden Media Guild, author, and gardening magazine contributor; you always feel safe following Jill’s advice. And her wonderful blog has sections dedicated to sustainable gardening, garden visits, and even design and growing tips.

So if you’ve ever wondered (like we did) Sally Nex stood smiling behind a vine

With an archive of insightful and actionable content going back fifteen years, it’s crazy to think that Sally is still putting out interesting and engaging content – but that she is! An award-winning horticulture writer, Sally’s been featured in everything from BBC Gardeners’ World to the gardening section of The Guardian.

So if you want to learn, not just about growing to start a healthy diet but about Julie from Peonies & Posies looking at and playing with her dog

Expect (and be over-the-moon with) loads of fantastic flowery photos and top tips on styling flowers, either out in your garden, on the windowsill, or in a small greenhouse. We knew for certain Julie had to make our list as soon as we saw the delicate and dedicated photos she takes of all her wonderful Lavender & Leeks blog banner

You Grow Girl blog banner

Lovely Greens blog banner

Garden Betty Blog banner

Vertical Veg blog banner with a plate of vegetables

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