Aluminium vs Metal Gates

When we say ‘metal gates’, we mean gates made of cast or wrought iron. These heavy, classic looking gates look fantastic in large driveways.

But you came here for garden and pedestrian gates. And that’s where iron gates, beautiful as they are, fall down somewhat.

When we said that iron gates are great for driveways, we bet you imagined one with vertical iron bars. And there’s a good reason for that – iron is heavy. And that weight means that having a solid iron gate is out of the question.

Not only would it be a considerable expense, but it’d be a nightmare to try and move as well. Either you’d be blowing a lung trying to push it or spending a lot (and putting a lot of strain) on an electric gate mover.

So how would a wrought iron gate work for a garden or site gate? Well, the answer is the same. You’d have to compromise on privacy.

On the flip side, aluminium gates are nowhere near as heavy. They’re also easier to maintain and install. 

Because aluminium is so light, aluminium gates are also a lot easier to open. This is particularly useful when installing a garden in an area of high foot traffic. So if you’re looking for a garden or pedestrian gate – think aluminium.

There are also options for infilled slats that offer full privacy. This is a big upgrade from a near-seethrough wrought iron gate. It’ll even offer that little bit more security than a decorative aluminium gate.

Aluminium vs Wooden Gates

But, like iron gates, aluminium won’t offer you that rustic, traditional look. 

But, if you’re willing (or more than happy!) to go for a more modern, stylish aesthetic, then you’ll save yourself time and money in maintenance. For example, wooden gates are prone to rot in damp weather and cracking in hot weather.

Not only that, but wooden gates by default will have metal components like hinges. These will have to be oiled and maintained to keep them functioning and rust-free. This goes for whether you have manually-opening gates or ones on an electric motor. 

In contrast, aluminium gates don’t rust. They also come powder-coated. This gives them added resistance to things like chemical cleaner and acidity in the rain.

BillyOh Nova full privacy side gate

What does it look like?

The BillyOh Nova comes in black powder-coated aluminium. The boarded horizontal slat design provides maximum privacy, 

How long will it last?

The powder-coated finish ensures these gates are weather-resistant and protects from rust. Powder coating is a method whereby dry powder is applied, then charged and cured under heat or UV. It provides Shop Aluminium Gates


Aluminium gates generally come at a more accessible price point than wooden or iron gates. This is due to the cost of materials. You could also see savings on delivery, handling, and installation fees. This is because aluminium gates are so much lighter. 

Our BillyOh Nova starts at just £249.

Your BillyOh Nova will also come supplied with door slats, columns, hinges, mortice lock and keys. Your wall-mounted latch and lock keep, expanding bolts, and screws will also be provided. There will be a parts listing in the manual provided.

Yes, our gates come with all the fixtures and fittings you will need to assemble them. Handy instruction manuals are also included.

The garden gates can be fixed to walls or a metal gate post using the included expansion screws and swivel. There are full assembly instructions included with your Nova garden gate.

The lock and handle can only be assembled to the right-hand side of the gate.

Yes, these gates are designed to be either manual or automated. The gates are designed with a reinforced profile to support electric gate openers.

The gate is packed into one package with honeycomb packing. This is to protect the product and is delivered disassembled. The garden gate comes with full installation instructions so it is simple to install. It is recommended that 2 people work together on the installation.