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10 Hacks To Clean a BBQ Grill

1. Heat

If it’s your first time firing up the ol’ girl this year, then make sure to dedicate some time to get your grill up to heat. Greasing your hot grill with a bit of vegetable oil can ensure that food doesn’t stick!

And once you’re finished, use that excess heat to carbonise any leftover food debris. Instead of sticking, it’ll burn to a crisp and be a lot easier to simply scrape off. Then you’ll be right as rain for your next BBQ party.

2. Steam clean

Now, you could use an actual steam cleaner to clean your grill plate. But first, you’d have to own one and second, it can be messy.

Instead, when your barbecue starts to cool, simply cover your grill with some moist newspaper soaked in water and close the lid. Keep the lid closed for about 30 minutes and hey presto – a quick and cheap steam clean!

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4. Baking soda

We’re pretty sure at this point that you could use vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to clean just about anything!

Sprinkle baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) onto your grill and dissolve in it in water. Rub with a scrubbing brush until all the baking soda is gone and the grill sparkles.

5. Vinegar spray

For this hack you can just pour 500ml of vinegar into a:

  • Bucket of clean water
  • Or a spray bottle
  • To create a vinegar solution

Once you’ve followed step 3 with baking soda, spray your solution on the grill and leave it for about 10 minutes. Next, using a dry cloth, wipe your grill down. Simple as!

8. Scrub the rest off

For this hack, you’ll be back at it with the warm water. Take a bucket of dilute but hot soapy water and rub down your grill. And if you don’t have a grill brush, you crush tin foil (aluminium foil) and use that instead.

9. Cleaning the base

Remember, you need to clean more than just your grill and lid! It’s important to remove old ash and coal for a charcoal grill or to clean up grease that’s been spitting out from gas grills.

For charcoals, lift out your coal tray and dispose of them in a bin. Use a damp kitchen towel to pick up the rest. And always wait till they’re cool!

Then you can rinse inside with warm soapy water and dry with paper towel or a tea towel. For gas BBQ bases, make sure to use a cleaning spray to get to underneath shelving.

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Cleaning Tips For Barbecue Grills


For gas BBQs remove your grease tray and dispose of excess grease separately. Then, you’ll need to use hot soapy water or bicarb and vinegar to remove sticky patches on the exterior.


Food debris can stick to your grill and cause an unpleasant flavour and even sanitary risks! So to tackle stuck-on food and food remains, we recommend heating your grill before and after cooking on it and scrubbing with a wire BBQ brush.

Dirt on the surface

A diluted solution of vinegar sprayed onto baking soda and water that’s been allowed to sit is a great alternative to a non-stick BBQ spray!

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Charcoal Grills

Unlike a gas grill, for a charcoal BBQ you should:

  • Wait until coals are fully cooler, then remove your ashtray.
  • Dispose of spent coals and ash.
  • Use a brush to clean out any excess debris.
  • Remove grill racks and either put in the dishwater or hot soapy water to clean.
  • Spray down interior and exterior with a vinegar solution of a non-stick cleaner.

Remember, for a sparkling BBQ, try to clean it after each cooking session. On top of that, you’ll want to do a deep clean twice a year (before and after the grilling season). And to keep your BBQ protected from the elements, don’t forget your grill cover.

There you have it – expert cleaning hacks to get rid of food and grease and have a gleaming BBQ in minutes! So if you want to test your new skills out on a brand new charcoal or gas BBQ, check out our range via the button below!

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