If your garden is full of wildflowers and your allotment gardening needs to tie in with the natural look, keep a natural finish to the wooden shed and surround the building with plenty of greenery so it has a woodland feel. Quirky objects such as an antique kettle will complement the allotment perfectly. Plant pots which look distressed and weather-worn will also add to the rustic charm.

Flower tubs are an allotment design idea, perfect for small sheds. Raising them up creates the illusion of a window flower box and offers the allotment shed traditional charm and character. Planting seasonal flowers in tubs offer a visual feature when your allotment is looking bare.

5 Considerations for the Best Allotment Shed

1. Metal Shed or Wooden Shed?

This is the decision to make when purchasing an allotment shed. Metal sheds are more secure and require no maintenance, however, you can customise a wooden shed with shelves and paint it in your preferred colour.

2. Accessibility


Keep your rakes, spades and trowels hung up on the inside of your allotment shed. This stops the shed from being cluttered and it’s easier to find what you’re looking for! Add hooks or knobs to the walls and place longer items higher up. It’s a genius way to save space!

2. Make a Potting Bench

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