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Tongue & Groove Flooring

Like our storage sheds roof, premium flooring options are also available including the option for thicker tongue and groove panels and pressure treatment.

Pressure Treated Options Available

By pressure treating timber in a vacuum, preservatives and chemicals penetrate much deeper. Because of this, your storage shed would be better protected and for longer against even the harshest of UK weather.

That’s why we can offer our BillyOh 15-year guarantee against rot, decay, and insect infestation on all our pressure treated sheds (10 years on regular sheds).

Now we’ve got design insights out of the way, let’s have a look at:

Garden Buildings Direct’s Best Storage Sheds (2021)

#1: Mini Master T&G Pent Store Shed (Price: £373)

BillyOh Mini Master Tongue and Groove Apex Bike Store
BillyOh Mini Master Tongue and Groove Apex Bike Store

If you want a bike storage shed but with a little more headroom, or for larger bike models, then this superior storage unit – the BillyOh Mini Master apex bike shed, is a winner.

Perfect for bike storage, this versatile alls offers a great way to store more than just bikes. Unlike the pent roof bike store, this models’ apex roof gives you extra room up top for storing things like helmets. It also comes in a larger base size for families with more bikes.

With central wide-opening double doors, you can not only get your bikes in and out easily but utilise extra space for hooks. And with customisable shelving options upon purchase, you can use every inch of your Mini Master bike store.

The Mini Master Tongue and Groove Apex Bike Store is available in:

3 X 6 T&G Apex Store
4 x6 T&G Apex Store£427
4 x 8 T&G Apex Store£487

#3: BillyOh Master Tall Store (Price: £229)

Mini Keeper Overlap Pent Store Shed
Mini Keeper Overlap Pent Store Shed

If you liked our T&G pent bike store but wanted something a bit more budget-friendly, you’ll love our Mini Keeper overlap store.

Whether you’re an avid gardener in need of a bit more space, a woodsman who loves to store logs for the winter, or a family of cyclists, this is a fantastic storage solution. For those who need a quick fix without compromising on quality, this is it.

With rustic overlap cladding, this bike store has a traditional aesthetic that won’t look out of place in your garden. Overlap cladding allows for great water runoff and ventilation as well as weather-resistance properties to keep your bikes safe.

With wide-opening double doors and options for thicker floor cladding, you can get even heavy-duty bikes and equipment in and store it safely. For peace of mind at an attractive price, you can’t go wrong with the Mini Keeper Overlap.

The BillyOh Mini Keeper Overlap Pent Store Shed comes in a 6 x 3 model (£323)

#5: Master Tongue and Groove Pent Shed (Price: £453)

BillyOh Master Tongue and Groove Apex Shed
BillyOh Master Tongue and Groove Apex Shed

Available in a range of sizes suitable from small to large gardens (as well as budgets and needs!), the Master Apex is one of our most versatile storage sheds.

The Master Apex also comes in either windowed or windowless models. So, depending on whether you want to maximise on security and keep prying eyes away, or if you want some natural light to turn your storage shed into a DIY workshop; you can choose the one that suits you.

With tough double-framing and tear-resistant felt, the Master Apex is a seriously sturdy model. And with the high-quality European sourced timber we use in all our storage sheds, it’s built to look good and last.

The BillyOh Master T&G Apex shed is available in:

4 x 6
8 x 6
6 x 8
8 x 8
10 x 6
10 x 8
12 x 8£1,175

#7: Pent Log Cabin Windowless Heavy Duty Bike Store (Price: £749.00)

BillyOh Keeper Overlap Apex Shed
BillyOh Keeper Overlap Apex Shed

The BillyOh Keeper is the ideal option for:

  • Those with simple garden storage needs
  • New homeowners
  • Homeowners with a smaller garden

If you need a classic storage shed for garden tools, bikes, toys, and more – then the keeper overlap is a great budget-friendly option.

Like our Mini Keeper overlap bike store, this apex shed utilises overlap cladding. Great for ventilation and runoff, just because it’s low on price doesn’t mean it’s low on quality!

We use the same high-quality European timber in all our storage sheds – the only thing different here is the construction method. So if you need a storage shed with extra headroom (either for you or storing tools) and apex design is the way to go.

And, combined with a gorgeous rustic look, the Keeper Overlap also features:

  • Tear-resistant felt
  • Double doors for easy access
  • Windowless option for privacy or shatter-resistant windowed option for natural light
  • T&G floor and roof
  • Heavy-duty hinges and galvanised ironmongery

Plus, optional extras are available. From choosing the best roof cover to selecting the ideal paint colour and even adding foundation options, you’ll be spoilt for choice on more than just size and price!

The BillyOh Keeper is available in:

4 x 6£369
8 x 6£505
4 x 8£537
10 x 6£709
8 x 8£709
12 x 6£829
10 x 8£885
12 x 8 £935
16 x 8 £1,195

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Garden Buildings Direct is a leading manufacturer and seller of garden buildings: log cabins, summerhouses, storage sheds and more. We invest huge amounts of time and manpower into ensuring our products are the very best they can be.

All whilst maintaining prices let our customers know they’re getting a great deal for the quality of our sheds.

And we like to think that we know a thing or two about wooden storage sheds, so we feel confident in saying that the list above features the absolute best. To shop for the best wooden storage sheds on this list, just click the button below!

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Our BillyOh outdoor storage units can accommodate anything from a couple of bikes and tools all the way up to vehicles, depending on which model and size you choose from. For more ideas on storage-by-model, check out our top 10 storage ideas.

All of our BillyOh products come with assembly instructions upon purchase. Our tongue and groove panels are pre-cut and can be assembled by you and a friend within a matter of hours. You’ll just require some basic tools. 

Our BillyOh bike stores made from either overlap or tongue and groove panels offer excellent weather resistance with sufficient run off and tight seals against water ingress. Wooden sheds can be further damp proofed and insulated to protect against the elements.

Although our BillyOh garden storage sheds feature tightly interlocking panels, space for heavy-duty locks and even windowless options, security will always still be a risk. We’d advise against storing personal or valuable items. Also, never store damp items in your shed as this can form condensation in metal sheds and damp in wooden sheds. For more on how to damp-proof your shed, check out this guide.