If you want birds to construct the best nest for their fledgelings, you can leave a mess on your lawn and borders intentionally. Avoid clearing loose twigs and leaves from your garden, so wild birds can take advantage of them in building their nests.

3. Choose Plants That Fruit in Winter and Spring


More than ever, birds can find it difficult to search for reliable sources of freshwater in today’s concrete jungles. To lend them a helping hand, especially during their nesting season, simply leave a bowl of water on the same spot in the garden every day.

Such an initiative can be particularly helpful amid extreme weather conditions, filling up the water bowl during hot days and smashing built-up ice after a cold night.

7. Avoid Any Nests Discovered

As exciting as it may seem, it is best to avoid disturbing nests that birds carefully put together. You can either scare chicks or attract predators towards it since humans leave a strong scent trail that foxes and other wild animals can pick up on.

During this time, homeowners should also try to discourage cats from climbing trees and prevent dogs from rummaging in the bushes to protect birds’ habitats.

8. Understand Which Common Foodstuffs Are Best

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