Not all greenhouse sizes fit in every garden, so choose the best size for the space you have. But, since most gardeners wish for a bigger greenhouse, opt for the largest one you can afford and have room for.

For the most convenient design, you can at least purchase a 6 ft. by 8 ft. design that lets you put shelves on both sides. Eaves that are at least 5 ft. tall also allow plenty of light in for the plants.

2. Material


Greenhouses come in two major shapes — lean-to and traditional. Some also manufacture dome and octagonal models for awkward spaces.

Lean-to and traditional designs are two of BillyOh’s top-selling greenhouses. As the name suggests, lean-to greenhouses take advantage of an existing house or garage wall. It uses bricks to hold more heat from the sun that plants can use, especially at night.

4. Glazing


Especially during the hot summer days, ventilation is an essential feature that you should consider in buying a greenhouse. Most designs come with one or two hinged roof vents as well as vents on the side.

You can also install an automatic vent opener or avail a greenhouse that has one.

6. Foundation

BillyOh greenhouses include a galvanised steel base that mounts the structure to the ground. Though there are a lot of designs in the market that offers an aluminium base, our galvanised design comes with superior fixings for a stronger hold.

You must also take note a greenhouse needs to be set up in a stable and well-levelled site. You can either use paving slabs or gravel on top of the sand for better drainage. Soil borders help in growing greenhouse crops too.

7. Appearance

After mentioning some of the essential factors for your plants, you will also need to consider the look of your greenhouse. Either you want it to blend to your existing landscape or be the central attraction in the garden, there is a range of modern and classic designs to choose from.

BillyOh’s metal greenhouses are available in grey and green frame colours that gear away from the old dull silver hue of plain aluminium. Of course, wooden designs fit every garden for their natural and earthy colour.


BillyOh 4000 Lincoln Wooden Clear Wall Greenhouse with Opening Roof Vent
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