(The BillyOh Carmen Log Cabin Summer House)

‘It’s been a well-needed change of our home environment during lockdown! And the building and designing kept me busy during the weekends when we had nothing else to do!’

Katie set her eyes upon the Carmen Log Cabin as it was the ideal size for her property, and it’s reasonable price was well within her budget. She also decided to couple it up with our Nightjar Garden Bar and got to work on decorating after a speedy delivery.

‘Garden Buildings Direct were the most competitively priced summer houses we could find and had the quickest lead time for delivery!’

She decided to paint the exterior a solid white with a standout grey trim for a minimalistic look. (Which we just love).

Katie also wanted the homely feel of an authentic bar on the inside, so she decided upon a rustic colour scheme with a grey vinyl floor. She also installed shelving, optic drink dispensers and a wood burner stove to add to the ambience on cold winter nights!

‘If you can, I would say get the biggest summer house you can possibly fit in your garden! You’ll really enjoy the extra space!’

You can see the full extent of Katie’s makeover below: