What Is a Greenhouse?

A greenhouse can come in handy for all types of weather and seasons – especially when the nights start drawing in and autumn creeps closer. Greenhouses can provide a warm environment for your plants. This includes protecting them from frost damage on cold nights.

Owning a greenhouse has plenty of benefits. From longer growing seasons to efficient seed sprouting, you’ll never run out of perks. Having a greenhouse is one of the most practical gardening solutions you can find.

Greenhouse structures are naturally warmed throughout the day from the sun. However, heat can escape during the night. There are plenty of cost-effective methods to keep your greenhouse warm. You don’t need to invest in central heating.

Keep reading to find out about some of the incredible advantages greenhouses have!

Greenhouse Heating: Heating Your Greenhouse For Less this Winter

There are so many great options if you’re looking to heat your greenhouse. For example, adding in a greenhouse heater can provide endless benefits. But some of the below methods can still be done in a greenhouse without electricity.

A great advantage of adding in a heating system is being able to provide better protection from cold snaps. Plants can’t survive in cold weather. When plants freeze, the water inside the plant cell expands and breaks the cell wall. This means they can no longer carry nutrients.

The added protection is perfect for those more tender plants and delicate plants. This is great against even the worst of the cold winter weather. A heating system will overall protect your plants from dying due to frost damage.


Having the right greenhouse heating system is important. This can help you achieve successful plant production. A heating system can ensure your plants are getting the right amount of heat. Perfect for year-round growth. Greenhouse heating costs don’t need to be expensive. If you’re looking for an Bubble wrap on a window

3. Save the Heat

The easiest way to provide a warm environment for your greenhouse is to preserve the heat already in the building. Loss of heat can cost you both money and energy in the long run. Keeping in the heat from greenhouses doesn’t have to be a difficult task.

This means making sure the walls which are most affected by the wind during winter are covered carefully to reduce heat loss.

Here are some great ways to save heat in your greenhouse

Another great benefit of putting up bubble wrap insulation is its flexibility. You can take this down in the warmer months if it’s needed.

TIP: Remember to clean the windows before filling your greenhouse with bubble wrap. This could reduce the ability for light to get inside your greenhouse.

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The best way to do this is to recycle. Save the heat you already have or use plastic bottles. Both methods can be found above.

It can be helpful to heat your greenhouse in winter. Some plants will need some warmth to survive. Plant growth rates will slow down in winter though.

No. Your greenhouse will always be at least 5 degrees warmer than the temperature outside. This is without even heating your greenhouse.

Yes. Depending on what you grow, you may need to heat your greenhouse. You can grow in an unheated greenhouse still, but check up on which plants need heat first.

It's beneficial for your greenhouse to get at least 6 hours of sun a day. Especially in winter. Positioning your greenhouse is an important first step towards heat efficiency.

Yes. Water is best for this. Water placed in a black drum or plastic bottles will continue heating your greenhouse, even at night.

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