Just like all types of garden building, playhouses come in different styles and materials. Two of the most popular types are the wooden and plastic playhouses.

While these four-walled structures can both make an excellent choice for your child’s outdoor enjoyment, nothing beats a wooden playhouse, especially when it comes to customising the structure inside and out.

Although wooden playhouses are a little more expensive when compared to their plastic counterpart, they still make a great investment, offering sturdy construction materials while at the same time, sporting a design which is intended for open space and any garden setting.

Not only that, but they can also be painted and altered, and they’re easy to redecorate. This is very important, considering that most children’s tastes change as they grow older. Moreover, if your playhouse is used by multiple children, then the design may shift throughout the year.

Playhouse Ideas: Tips For Design

interior playhouse ideas

Playhouse Ideas #1: Castle Playhouse


If you want a simple yet charming playhouse interior – complete with a few feminine touches – you can go for the Wendy playhouse design! 

We suggest adding a small front porch to provide your youngsters with a dedicated space where they can enjoy their breakfast or afternoon snacks. To make the platform secure and keep your children safe, it’d be best to add a fence which goes around the edge of the playhouse.

Playhouse Ideas #4: 50s Diner

This retro-style playhouse will transport you and your children back to the 50s! Not only will opting for this small town diner-inspired playhouse give your kids a blast from the past, but also it will provide them with fun and laughter, as they take turns cooking and role-playing as the hungry customer.

To make the diner extra special, you can include some fun features like a drive-through window, menu board, black and white chequerboard flooring, and a large outdoor marquee! Don’t forget to display some classic vintage posters e.g. classic cars or vintage car licence, coca-cola, movie posters and more.

Playhouse Ideas #5: Modern Farmhouse

Bring the warmth, simplicity and rustic aesthetic of country living, all in the comfort of your back garden! 

You can stick to a black, white and green palette. Or if you wish to embrace the natural wooden material of the structure, make sure to insulate and weatherproof the building with proper treatment for long-term use.

Add a mini wood accent table and chairs, or hang some child-friendly gardening tools on the wall. And of course, don’t forget to display a basket filled with different fruits.

Playhouse Ideas #6: Clubhouse

Provide your youngsters with a local hangout spot.

To achieve a clubhouse-inspired playhouse, go for more contemporary and inviting design and decoration. We suggest using a revitalised colour palette with bright accents, mixed with wooden furnishings. Let your kids add their own finishing touches to make an impact on the overall clubhouse interior.

Transforming your playhouse into the ultimate hangout spot is a fun way to create something that your children will greatly enjoy. We hope that these tips and ideas will help you make your children’s playhouse the place to be!

Playhouse Ideas #7: DIY Treehouse

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