After securing super-speedy and free-of-charge delivery, Catharine wasted no time at all in setting up her new retreat – making the most of our legible step-by-step installation instructions provided with every  building.

And just like that, she had her new home office standing tall and ready for decoration.

She decided to paint the hardened exterior with a coat of business jet black, with an opposing all white interior. She furnished it with her computer, as well as comfy seating and deskspace so she could focus on her daily routines.

Her husband insulated the building, and also added indoor heating to keep out the cold on those frosty winter mornings. A fantastic touch if you ask us!

‘I’m loving my home office! I had heating and lighting installed and my husband added insulation and boarded it over and painted the whole room white.’

She also showed off the versatility of our products by adding a swing hung from the ceiling in the unused space. So now her five-year-old son can double it up as a play area!

You can see the full extent of Catharine’s makeover below:

Wow, all-round a brilliant use of one of our fantastic products! We’re ecstatic to see what Catharine has done with the place and we hope that we can potentially provide a similar blank canvas for you should you choose to use our products and services.

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