What made you pick this particular model?

I loved the layout of the doors and windows, and also love love love the roof!

Evie’s BillyOh Darcy Summerhouse Exterior

Sounds like you made a great choice! So, what’re you using your outdoor building for?

I have it in my garden, and I work from home as a Nail Technician!

What would you say your new garden building has allowed you to do that you couldn’t before?

Well, I absolutely love my cabin. Having it in the garden is so great as I can really separate my work and home life a lot easier now.

(Sounds like your Darcy Log Cabin has hit the nail on the head for your needs!) 

And have you decorated your garden building then?

Yes – I have white walls, with green and gold accessories! I’ve got shelves on the walls, and a drinks cart to offer refreshments!

Evie’s BillyOh Darcy Log Cabin Interior