What made you pick this particular model?

Going into the lockdown last year, we knew we’d be spending more time outside. We wanted somewhere we could cosy up as a family and use as an outdoor room.

We had a random corner in our garden we couldn’t think of what to do with. When I was scrolling through the website and saw this corner summerhouse, it was perfect! We don’t have loads of space and didn’t want anything too overpowering. This gives us the outdoor room we wanted but without taking up lots of space.

Sounds like you made a great choice! So, what’re you using your outdoor building for?

We use it as an outdoor room and sometimes as a more adult space for having a drink in the evening with a blanket and the doors open.

In the daytime, it gives us the ability to see the children playing in the garden and also chill with them – having snacks or watching their iPads.

BillyOh Picton Corner Summerhouse Interior