What made you purchase your building from Garden Buildings Direct?

“Having looked around local stores and the internet for suppliers of both sheds and summerhouses we found GBD to be the best value for money. Part of the reason for purchasing from GBD was to see first-hand the quality of the service and supplied product before deciding on where to purchase a summerhouse from in the coming months.”

How are you finding the building now?

“The shed is sturdy and can’t be faulted at such a great price.”

Would you recommend buying from us?

“I would highly recommend GBD to anyone looking for a good quality building at a great price.”

How did you decorate it and what paint did you use?

“Rebekah has given the exterior two coats of dark oak Ronseal Fence Life and has also sealed the interior gaps with silicone to reduce the wildlife which gets in.”

Rebekah has now taken ownership of the shed and called it The SheShed, she will be happily organizing all the tools and labeling up anything in sight once she gets her hands on a labeler. Darren and Rebekah showed that whatever use you have for your shed, it can be transformed into a more personal elegant space like Rebekah’s “SheShed”.

Organise your tools now and check out our wide range of sheds from wooden, plastic and metal.

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