Fires can happen really quickly and have a very serious effect on our lives, homes, and families. It is very important that everyone in your family is aware of proper fire protection and prevention. House fires and other types of fires are very dangerous and in some cases they can be deadly. Each year, hundreds of thousands of children suffer various serious injuries as a result of fires. Almost 500 kids die from fires every year, which only helps to reiterate just how important a good knowledge of fire safety is. Using common sense and following a few helpful tips can help you and your family stay safe even in the event of a fire.

Fire Prevention

There are many things you can do to help prevent a fire. First and foremost, smoke detectors should be installed in the home, particularly in the kitchen and in bedrooms. Fire extinguishers should also be readily available, and everyone in the family should know how to use them. Keep things like matches and lighters locked away and out of the reach of children. Children should know to call 911 in case a fire occurs so they can get help fast. All families should develop a plan to exit the home safely just in case a fire happens.