Transform your garden into a tropical paradise with a bamboo garden screening! It’s the perfect way to cover up an old fence or create a section of your garden for relaxing in. 

Bamboo is a fast-growing and evergreen plant, which makes ideal use for garden screening. Its roots can be invasive but you can create a productive screen which doesn’t grow too rapidly by choosing a clump-forming variety and planting it in containers.

This will stop the plant from spreading too much and provide a restful garden screen. Add exotic plants around the screening area to give your garden the ultimate tropical feel!

2. Use Natural Materials

This eco-friendly garden screen is created using saplings cut from trees and fixed together with wires. It offers the perfect amount of privacy and shade for a garden and looks great in a natural setting.

It also costs virtually nothing to make, although it will wear down over time. This garden screen is very similar to a ‘dead hedge’, where dead wood is used to create a barrier.

3. Grasses Odder Subtle Garden Screening

Grasses make a beautiful, textural and low maintenance garden screen. Calamagrostis x acutiflora ‘Karl Foerster’ and ‘Overdam’ are excellent early season grasses, flowering in June.  

Create different heights with grasses for a natural garden screen. Smaller grasses work perfectly for small garden screens, whereas tall grasses can offer privacy to larger gardens or outdoor spaces.

4. Industrial vs Natural With Steel Fencing

To give your garden a sense of modernity, steel fencing is a great perfect choice. Metal contrasts with plants and flowers to offer a hint of industrial design and edge.

This alternative garden screening idea works perfectly with modern gardens and complements the metal garden furniture. Add a variety of plants and shrubs for colour, while maintaining a modern appearance.

5. Luscious Fruit Trees

6. Create a Bug Hotel to Encourage More Wildlife

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