(a plant/flower bed covered by a tarpaulin suspended above the plants to cover them from the sun and create shade with wooden poles at each corner


(lightbulbs hanging down from a wooden pergola with slats spanning the width of the roof

(a triangular sail canopy in the corner of a garden covering some decking and creating shade

(string lights along the perimeter of a triangular canopy that is covering a table and chairs in a garden


(wood in a cylindrical archway formation over a path with some tree bark on the ground

(a dark wooden old looking trellis in a japanese-style garden with stepping stones and stone decking with some concrete groundwork and a table, chairs, plantpots and a beige cloth covering the area to create shade.

(canopy covering two deck chairs in a garden with some colourful mirrors hanging from the wall above and covered by a pair of thin satin curtains held up by some wooden wood bamboo rolls.

(a grey pergola in a corner with two walls and a triangular shaped grey roof with some seats inside and some colourful green blue and red cushions.

(a large black tarpaulin sail covering a whole garden including a dark brown sofa, a light brown table and lots of plants in the background

(fencing above white stone walls covered in climbing plants and moss on a stone patio in a posh garden

(two comfy rattan chairs and a small table covered by an opaque triangular corner shaped wooden pergola held up by a single plank of wood at the tip of the triangle, with some translucent glass on the two walls and a shingle pathway leading up to it

(a wooden pergola/canopy with wooden beams spanning the roof, covered by climbing plants, moss and trees and on some decking with a table in the middle and some metal gating around the outside of the decking

(plants inside a small wooden canopy next to a wall in a back garden

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