Before starting to prepare your shed, you have to create a welcoming space for various species.

To do so, plant up a part of your bare ground and create open areas to connect all parts of your garden. This technique will encourage newts, frogs, and invertebrates to move around.

Growing different plant species in your outdoor space will also attract wild animals. You can consider creating glades, flowerbeds, and marshy areas that contain a steady supply of wildflowers to create a cover for your watching room.

2. Grow the right plants


To make sure that your garden building blends well with the surroundings, you may want to avoid painting it a bright colour. Instead, make use of earthy tones that will act as camouflage.

If you also want your outdoor structure to complement your planting scheme, painting it with grey and brown hues would be a great idea.

4. Grow vines and climbers


Another great way to disguise your outdoor structure while attracting wildlife is to create a green roof. You can build a frame over your garden shed or log cabin, for example, that’s around 30cm deep.

You can then line it with a waterproof sheet before adding a moisture blanket and a filter sheet. For your green roof soil, you can combine some clay granules with sand and topsoil.

When it comes to the type of plants, spring-flowering species such as primrose and bluebells would be a great choice. You can then enjoy the sight of caterpillars chewing on your plant leaves and bees and other insects sipping nectar from your green roof flowers!

6. Install a water feature


Finally, after creating a wildlife garden and camouflaged watching room, you can now enjoy the sight of various species from your garden building! Create an opening such as a window where you can stare or take images of animals visiting your space.

You can place it in a height where you can watch from it standing up or sitting down. If you are really into bird-watching and monitoring different wildlife species, you can also set up a table where you can take down notes and record your observations.

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