(wooden pallet painted brown and lent up vertically against a wall with plants in the gaps between the rafters

(plant pots fixed to a brick wall using nails and black plastic

(plants in plant pots on steps of a ladder which is leaning against a brown panelled wall

(plants and herbs in clear jars with labels on written in chalk


11 – Underground Pots

If you prefer not to see plant pots, bury them in the ground so you can just enjoy the herbs! It’s a great way to keep your herbs organised at ground level.

plants including yellow plant hanging vertically off a wooden planter in steel trays labelled with chalk

(plants in black plant pots stuck to a white wall in rows of three

(a hexagonal plant bed with plants of varying shades of green in constructed using old paving slabs in an irregular pattern

(different sized tiered troughs in the corner of a garden with a small medium and large each filled with plants

(different sized plant pots stacked from the biggest on the ground to the smallest at the top, full with plants

(an old wooden pallet painted navy blue with coloured plant pots hanging off

(plants in blue greek style tea cups/saucers

(different herbs in one big plant pot on a balcony/decking

(old wagon wheel water wheel with wooden spokes filled with plants

(stockings/socks/sacks hung up on garden fence/wall with plants in them

(glass mason jars slanted 45 degrees upwards to the left with plants in them against black chalkboard with labels for each plant on them

(plants hanging in white rounded pots from a smooth brown wooden rectangle frame

(painted mason jars with plants in them and sticky labels on the front hung in rows of three against wooden oak style backdrop vertically

(planters and plant pots hung with rope from a curtain pole above a sink in a kitchen

(four different sized wooden boxes stacked on top of each other from small to large with plants and herbs planted around the outside of each one

(old meal tub tupperware box from chinese or ready meal box being used as a mini greenhouse to store plants and herbs in

(plants and herbs on shelves in a kitchen inside old teacups that are pink and blue with flowery and interesting patterns and designs on them

(softwood light coloured wooden pallet that has been painted and treated and stood up vertically with different panels hammered together with printed labels on the front engrained into the wood

(three old steps or stairs being used as shelves for potted plants and herbs in pots on a patio in steel or metal pots with some stones or pebbles and a watering can underneath

(a rectangular flower bed made with a boundary/border of grey breezeblocks stacked next to each other and with some cardboard laid on the ground inside for plants and herbs to be planted and grown

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