We have to admit, like Ian, one of the things we consider before we purchase something is the price. Is it worth the hours of work? Is it worth the investment? Do I need this? Or do I just want this? Most of these questions we ask ourselves. But one of them always stands out. Is it value for money? This is what led Ian to choose the BillyOh Carmen Log Cabin Summerhouse.

This is his review.

Coffee, Tea, or Scotch?

How did you decorate it and what paint did you use?

“I haven’t painted mine yet as I have not had time but I will be doing.”

Ian has not yet painted the summerhouse for his children… But I guess he can’t wait to give us a sneak peek by showing us how the summerhouse looks like by nightfall.

This shows that the there are no limits with how we decide to use the things we have. A children’s playhouse by day, a relaxing and quiet sanctuary by night.  Check out our fantastic range of summerhouses and create your own haven in your garden.

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