How to Transform Your Log Cabin into a Games Room

Log cabins are one of the most versatile outdoor structures that you can take advantage of and install in your garden, with potential adaptions such as a gym or home office. If you and your kids love to play a variety of games, why not turn your log cabin functional games room!

Here are efficient ways to do so:

1. Lay your log cabin in a proper foundation

BillyOh Fraya Pent Log Cabin

Your outdoor games room may contain some expensive technology and classic family-favourite board games. Therefore, you will need to ensure that it lies in a strong foundation to prevent rodents and water from getting inside the log cabin.

You can also opt for our log cabin designs’ optional solid sheet, or, tongue and groove floor for better foundation and security.

2. Set up the power and internet connection


Next thing you’ll need to prepare is the electricity and internet. Since most prefabricated log cabins do not come with built-in electrical wirings, you will need to power up your shed yourself.

For the internet, you can either run an ethernet cord down the log cabin or take advantage of Wi-Fi antennas for a wireless connection.

3. Secure the log cabin


Zero security in your log cabin makes it an easy target for burglars. So it is highly recommended that you take security measures for your log cabin, such as using a strong lock, installing security cameras and an alarm system.

4. Install a gaming table and entertainment area


One of the most important features of your games room, of course, would be its central gaming area. If you are a computer gamer, you might as well install your gaming set in the most comfortable part of the log cabin.

You will also want a table or shelf that will not only elevate your monitor but also double as a storage space. It can range from a repurposed table to a special unit specifically built for gaming.

If you prefer having an area to play board games and other entertainment options for a group of people, make sure to set up a table that’s big enough to cater to such.

Our range of log cabins come in a variety of different sizes, so you can choose your ideal set-up depending on how many friends and family members you want to invite for a night of fun games.

5. Cater to several hobbies

BillyOh Tianna Log Cabin Summerhouse with Side Store

To make it more functional, you can make your games room an area to play plenty of activities. Be it a PlayStation, Xbox or a bunch of board games, you can easily make a log cabin cater to a variety of hobbies.

First, ensure that there are plenty of plug points inside your games room so you can either watch TV or play on a console. You will also need to dedicate an organised storage area to keep all your gaming items after use.

Pro tip: You can take advantage of our multi-room log cabins to provide a designated space for each type of fun activity!

6. Include gaming furniture and more seating

After completing your log cabin’s central area for entertainment, you will need to get chairs and couches in place. If you want to invite your friends over to get-together or challenge them to a round of games, you should provide sufficient seating for their comfort.

You can opt for easily replaceable chairs or good quality couches for better comfort. Go for some designs that come in loose covers that you can easily wash or wipe clean.


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