For someone who knows the value of time, ease of ordering and a quick delivery are some of the things Mike considered before purchasing the BillyOh Master Tongue and Groove Pent Shed. Something fast, but something that will not compromise the quality of service.

How was your customer experience?

“The delivery was very prompt and within 20 minutes of the estimated time, I was contacted to say they might be a little late due to traffic delays.”

“Plain sailing all the way.” he adds.

How are you finding your shed now?

“Everything was there and I put the shed together by the instructions supplied.”

In addition to the variety of sheds we offer, our quick delivery and value for money are the things that won Mike over. Our aim is not only to be fast but also being spot on at the same time. Besides his customer experience, the lifespan of our buildings is something Mike saw as well.  As they say,  if you see the value in something, then it is worth investing in.

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