At a certain point in our lives, what we all need is an escape from the chaos of everyday life. You don’t necessarily need to travel far away to have some much need time for recuperation. Sometimes, all you need is a log cabin that can provide you with a cosy hideaway.

If you own a cabin and you haven’t thought about how you’d want to use it, then transforming it into your go-to relaxation haven is your best bet – especially if relaxation and comfort are more your style.

All you have to do is to invest in some comfortable seating, cushions and coffee tables to carry out your dream garden retreat. Whenever you crave some alone time, you’ll now have a place specifically for yourself when you want to unwind after a long, tiring day.

2. Log Cabin Design Idea: Garden Office

Turning your log cabin into a home gym or games room

Log cabins are one of the most versatile garden buildings that can be transformed into almost anything! How about a personal space where you can work out to your heart’s content, and without any disturbance?

If you’re planning to sweat more and get fitter this year, but you’re worried about membership fees, then turning your log cabin into a personal gym space sounds like a great plan! 

Are you ready to work out in style with your cabin gym? When it comes to decorating your home gym, your options are limitless, allowing you to create your preferred environment.

Window blinds can be added for privacy while mirrors add an aesthetically pleasing touch. Adding sound systems are an excellent way to keep yourself motivated while working out! If your indoor space allows for it, then why not add some squat racks and benches?

Tip: As for the equipment, we suggest going for smaller yet equally effective workout equipment and avoid bulky machines as much as possible. This way, you can maximise the floor space.

4. Log Cabin Design Idea: Garden Bar

Simply having a garden is already enough to provide you with an excellent space to make the most of your time outdoors with your family and loved ones. Imagine the, turning your log cabin into a state-of-the-art, garden bar!

Having a cabin bar gives you an ideal place for you to flaunt your bartender skills. Not to mention that you’ve got yourself a private bar that you don’t have to queue at in order to get served.

Sounds exciting, right? If you own a log cabin, you might want to start considering utilising it as a garden bar.

When it comes to decorating your garden bar, barware like glasses, shakers, stirrers, trays, coasters are essential – and of course, don’t forget the drinks! The interior and exterior decoration is also vital to add personality to your cabin bar.

You can even add bar signs, beer mirrors and more!

5. Log Cabin Design Idea:  Entertainment/Game Room or Man Cave

Looking for ways to shut off from the stresses of a modern, fast-paced lifestyle, if only for a few hours? Seeking a personal sanctuary where you can have some much needed me-time in between or after a busy day?

A log cabin designed for entertainment is something that can be beneficial, not only for enjoyment, but also for mental health. If you’re thinking of turning your log cabin into one, then this is the sign you’ve been waiting for!

When decorating your entertainment room, owning the right gaming room is a brilliant idea to provide hours of fun for the whole family! This will also provide you with the personal space to play your all-time favourite PlayStation or board games, in between legs of darts or turns on table football.

Imagine your ideal game room with:

  • Dartboard
  • Board games
  • Table games, e.g. pool table
  • Sports room
  • Collector’s room