1. Tools

To install a playhouse, you’ll definitely need some tools to hand to complete the job. All of our playhouses require self-assembly but come with an easy to follow assembly instruction guide to help you along the assembly process.
Here are some of the key tools you’ll need:
  • Hammer – This will come in handy for any nails.
  • Screwdriver & drill – Perfect for any screws you may have to attach.
  • Spirit level – This is great for helping you maintain a level building.
  • Stanley knife – A great option if you want to easily undo any packaging.
Whilst those above will be required, here are some optional tools that may help you throughout the building process:
  • Step ladder
  • Tape measure
  • Safety goggles
  • Pencils
It’s important to ensure you’re being careful when building your new product. The safety of users is a vital step.
Animated map with a red pin point

3. Location

Location is one of the most important steps. Making sure you’ve placed your new playhouse in the right area of your garden is key.
Here are some factors to consider:
  • Level ground – Just like the playhouse base, a level ground underneath the base will prevent any construction problems.
  • Safe area – Make sure your playhouse is away from any other buildings or obstacles.
  • Drainage – Don’t put your playhouse in a waterlogged area. This can cause rot to creep in.
  • Trees – Place your playhouse away from any trees or weeds. Falling debris onto the roof can cause damage to your roof cover.
  • Supervision – For safety purposes, make sure you can see your child playing at all times. Position your outdoor playhouse in a spot without any obstructions to keep your child safe.
Don’t forget to consider how much space you’ll need for the building itself. Some come in various sizes whilst others come with slides.

5. Appearance

The last step to consider is how you want your children’s wooden playhouse to look. Various paints are available to add some extra colour. You could also add in some waterproof outdoor lights, some plants or some children’s garden furniture. Adding some plants would give you the option of adding in a flower window. There are endless possibilities for tower playhouses. We offer plenty of optional features for you to choose from! Such as Georgian style windows and two-storey playhouses.

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The instillation of a playhouse can be free if you're doing it yourself. The cost of a builder can vary from place to place.

Follow the step by step instructions you've been given. Use the tips we've given above to give you a helping hand along the way.

A sturdy and solid base is what's best put under your playhouse. Grass or soil for example, wouldn't be suitable.

Yes. Every wooden building or garden building will need a base. No matter what it's made of.

We have plenty of paint options available. All of our paint is child friendly. If you're yet to purchase a playhouse, you can get a tub of paint delivered alongside. Find this under 'Optional Extras'