The BillyOh Bunny Playhouse

Wooden playhouses are an ideal environment for children or grandchildren to spend their time.

The traditional design of the wooden playhouse includes barn doors, flower boxes, picket fences, and traditional crossed windows. These features themselves can help allow the kids to imagine they are living in the peaceful countryside surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Wooden playhouses are available in many different sizes and can be either one story or two stories. And there is bound to be an option suitable for every style of garden, with the Bunny Playhouse being a highly versatile option!

2. Tower Playhouses

Playhouse Buying

Wouldn’t it be great to install a mini kitchen on one floor and a fun bedroom in another? Offering a greater amount of space, our two-storey playhouses will surely entice kids to spend more time playing. Their siblings and playmates can also create separate areas of the structure for their own kind of fun.

Kids can go up and down the playhouse in a safe and built-in wooden step ladder. It will give the kids a sense of having their own little house to care for and play in. Some of these two-story playhouses are also multi-room, allowing the children to invite more in a mini house party!

4. Log Cabin Playhouses

Playhouse Buying - windows

To provide a light and airy feel inside the playhouse, we have equipped out playhouses with fixed, cottage-style windows allowing natural light to stream inside. 

All of our playhouse windows are made with styrene glazing, which is highly durable and easy to clean. This also means that they are unlikely to shatter when hit during the outdoor football match or the superhero vs. villain fights. 

For a more aesthetic design, you can also opt for window shutters and flower boxes. Aside from enhancing the playhouse’s visual appeal, flower boxes encourage kids to care for plants in their own play space!

2. Doors

Playhouse Buying - fencing

If you want to keep the kids safe and have a more exclusive feel in their playhouse, you can also add our picket fencing option to your purchase. They make every playhouse truly a mini home for your little ones.

We also offer two sizes: Picket Fencing B, a small fence option. Picket Fencing D, a large fence option. Also, keep in mind that our picket fencing is not available on tower playhouses.

4. Accessories

Playhouse decoration

Whilst our playhouses are delivered undecorated with the natural wooden surface, encourage your little ones to paint and splash some of their favourite colours so that they can have a colourful play den. 

There are so many ways to make your little ones’ playpen more homely and colourful looking. You can even create a  pirate’s ship or a castle!Joanne’s Gingerbread JuniorJoanne’s Gingerbread Junior

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