How was your customer experience?

“I was amazed at how quickly it was delivered. There were several instruction videos on the subject and was easy to follow and fit.” says Robin.

How are you finding the building now?

“My first task was to paint it before it was to be erected which took a little longer as to the inclement weather. I was a little apprehensive about actually building the unit but after watching your online help videos and some assistance from my wife managed to erect the summerhouse. Had a little trouble with the positioning of the roof panels and the centre roof support but got there in the end. I think I’ve done a pretty good job, considering I’ve never tackled anything like this before!”

How did you decorate it?

I used paint from the B & Q garden colours range, Stone and Baltic blue. I had ordered the shingles roofing to increase the lifespan of the ‘house’. The instructions suggested that with the aid of some cardboard to protect the glass the surrounds could be nailed in position! A bit tricky! Decided to fix them in place with ‘No more Nails’ which seems to have done the job!” explains Robin.

Preparing Your Garden Building for Summer 2021Preparing Your Garden Building for Summer 2021

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