Despite the belief that the Baobab tree is where ancient spirits reside, people of Madagascar also believe that this beautifully enormous tree is the place where spirits of dead family members linger.

It’s a common scene to witness people of Madagascar give all sorts of gifts, such as honey, wine and archaic money as offerings left around the trunk of the tree with a white or red piece of cloth as their way of paying respects to their ancestors.

Probably one of the reasons why this tree is so important and sacred to the people of Madagascar is the fact that a Baobab fruit contains an anti-ageing nutrient called polyphenol and is also extremely rich in vitamin C, fibre, and calcium.

With this, it is also believed that the fruit provides great aid in boosting one’s immune system as well as an aid in digestion and skin, hair, and nails’ rejuvenation.

2. The Dance Tree

During the height of the Holy Roman Empire, a Tanzlinde or dance tree has been utilised as a judicial courtroom. As well as a place where assemblies were made and called Gerichtslinde (German for “court linden, doom linden”; plural -linden).

With the fall of the Roman Empire and the spread of Christianity, the linden or dance tree remained as a symbol associated with security and justice. Because of Christianisation, it has then been re-devoted as a symbol of the Virgin Mary and of the 12 Apostles.

3. Bodhi Tree

This tree is perhaps one that has the most detailed sacred significance of all. Buddhist’s believe that it is under this tree where Buddha himself sat down some 2,400 years ago and meditated for four straight nights, known as sacred-iconic-trees-around-world-8-the-bristlecone-pine

Again, the Bristlecone Pine Tree is not revered by any culture as sanctified or something of a blessed nature. However, this tree is known to have the sacred-iconic-trees-around-world-10-the-almond-tree

As a natural and scientific fact, from all known species of tree, the Almond Tree is the first to grow its leaves and the last to lose them in Autumn. Like the Sycamore Tree, it has been mentioned several times in the Bible and specifically in Books of the Old Testament such as Exodus, Genesis and Jeremiah.

11. The Palm Tree

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