Unlike some easy to grow plants, you need to do thorough research on exactly what each of these plants requires – from specific soil types to particular kinds of water. And unless you are willing to the legwork, you better leave these hard-to-grow plants to the experts.

1. Orchids


Cauliflowers may look like an easy target if you want to start a vegetable patch in your yard, but they require a long growing season. They can also be a tricky veggie to grow since they don’t like the weather to be too hot or too cold.

In fact, they are time and weather-sensitive too. Cauliflower seeds should be planted early enough to have them mature by the time the summer’s hot temperature starts, but late enough not to reach a too cold season.

They also need to be blanched and have their stalks bent. This process will make the outer leaves come up and over the top of the head, covering the vegetable. These leaves must then be tied and kept this way until the veggie’s head has matured.

3. Venus Flytrap


We all want our celery stalks to be crunchy and delightful, but not every one of us can master growing them this way. The crispy and yummy combination in celeries requires a lot of moisture.

It means that celery should only be planted in a soil mixture that can hold water well. It also requires a long growing season of 120-180 days from seed to harvest, in a temperature that’s cold enough.

5. Onions


Popularly known as one of the hardest plants to grow in the world, wasabi is prone to diseases when planted on a large scale. This plant can also take over a year to reach its maturity.

Wasabi plants don’t grow in an extremely humid area or under the wrong nutrient composition — these situations can, in fact, wipe out an entire crop. They also need lots and lots of water, but cannot be submerged just like water lilies.

7. Melons

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