Known to be resilient and tough, hydrangeas are one of the shade-loving plants which will provide your garden with a reliable summer glow, despite being beneath trees and other shady areas. Coming in a variety of sizes and forms, this plant is low maintenance and bears huge, flattened blooms which can range from white and pink, to purple and blue hues. They must be grown in moist but well-drained soil.

2. Hardy Geraniums


This evergreen can help light up any shady part of the garden in winter and spring. However, you need to plant it in acidic soil or in a container of ericaceous compost. The rubella plant blooms rich redbuds from winter to spring, which will then unveil clusters of beautiful white flowers that bring a sweet, strong scent.

4. Welsh Poppy


Flowering before the summer ends, the Cyclamen Hederifolium blooms light pink flowers that appear beautifully before its marbled leaves, which appear in autumn. When the leaves of various perennials have died back in autumn and winter, this plant can add fresh foliage into your garden, being considered as one of the best plants that make your outdoor space bloom in autumn.

6. Persicaria Virginiana or ‘Lance Corporal’


If you want to welcome late colour into your garden this Autumn, you can grow New England asters which survive in semi-shaded spots. This perennial is more mildew-resistant than other varieties of New York asters. Their blooms feature a range of soft hues, some common colours are the light ‘Harrington’s Pink’ and the lilac ‘Purple Dome’.

8. Ferns

Known as the “quietly attractive” deciduous native grass, this shade-loving plant can grow in woodlands, on shady banks, and even in alkaline soils. Melica unifloras forms upright clumps with stems of dainty rice-like flowers. Once established, this plant will self-seed quickly.

10. Astrantia

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