Owning your own pub shed comes with tons of perks, one of these being sociability, which is perfect if you love to host evening get-togethers from the comfort of your own outdoor space.

But with outdoor gatherings on hold for the moment, why not start working on your pub shed and get yourself a private bar that you don’t have to queue at to get served!

Amazing Shed Pub Designs

1. Holiday-Themed Tiki Bar

shed pub

Add a farmhouse touch and rustic charm to your outdoor space with a country-barn-turned-pub shed! 

Combining sleek, clean lines of contemporary design and characterised by natural textures and materials, such as wood or galvanised steel, a modern farmhouse style sounds like a good plan for your garden bar.

Bring the warmth, simplicity and aesthetics of a uniquely fresh take on country living in the comfort of your back garden. Other than cream, you can use neutrals, bright and bold hues.

Don’t forget some natural wood accents as they are a must-have for any farmhouse-inspired interior, e.g. counter top, chairs, wall decor and more.

4. French and Italian Shed Pub

Combining French and Italian elements in your garden bar will add a natural Mediterranean touch to your outdoor space.

To create a nostalgic design, paint your shed with the faux painting technique and add some stone countertops or tables for your drinks. Then incorporate a French Country-Tuscan colour palette, such as:

  • Varying shades of greens that can represent grapevines,
  • Bright accent colours like yellow, lavender and red to represent sunflowers, lavender and poppies,
  • Cobalt blue for the bright sunny skies and majestic clear waters of the Mediterranean region.

Make sure to consider light, coastal-inspired colours for authentic country furniture.

5. Mexican-Inspired Garden Bar Shed

With a crushed stone bar counter and upholstered wooden stools, plus rustic furnishings and Native American influences, a Mexican-inspired pub shed is a perfect choice for those obsessed with vibrance.

The idea here is to incorporate elements from mixing rustic wood and wrought iron furnishing with over-the-top, bright, vivid colours. Paint your shed with warm colours, e.g. rich earth tones like brick or clay.

As for the accents and fabrics, make sure to style your bar ware essentials with decorative materials that have primitive prints and patterns.

6. Rustic Shed Pub

An American style pub shed is perfect if your looking to crack open a cold one with the guys.

Integrating natural materials like stone and raw wood, you can create an interior for your pub shed that resembles the rustic American dream, transporting you to an 80’s US tavern.

Since wood is the primary element used in rustic home interiors, your shed alone is already a win-win! But to give your garden shed a more earthly and natural look, we suggest adding some pine, cherry, hickory, and alder as decorative pieces.

For a more rustic approach, wrought metals may also be incorporated into your pub shed. And with the right rustic bar accessories, your rustic pub shed is complete!

7. Pub Game Shed

Adding a dartboard and other board games in your pub shed is always a great idea if you want to get that whole pub package and at the same time, provide your family and friends with hours of entertainment.

If your building structure offers enough space, consider adding a PlayStation, Xbox or table games for a fun afternoon with your buddies in between drinking sessions.

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