1. Choose the Location Carefully

One of the tips to secure your shed is by choosing its location carefully. To ensure that you can deter thieves from trying to break in in your shed, it should be correctly positioned.

This means you want to be able to see your shed from your main house but not the street. You might also thinking about either having it hard up or slightly off a boundary if there’s hidden access behind your garden.

Another solve would be to install full privacy garden gates if you can see your shed down the side entrance.

4. Anchor the Shed

One of the unfortunate weaknesses of plastic and wooden sheds is that they could be broken into with enough force. On the other hand, metal sheds are often used for security storage because they can be anchored.

Granted, a wooden shed will be affixed to the floor joists and you can drill stakes to the corners. Still, you can anchor your metal shed to concrete floors with L brackets and coach bolts (anchor bolts), or even attach a shed to a garden wall.

You could also place breeze blocks inside to make it too heavy to lift. This will prevent your shed from blowing away on super windy days too! Double bubble.

6. Obscure Windows/Windowless Sheds

There’s a reason that our windowless sheds are customer favourites. Although you might cry at your lawnmower being deprived of natural light, no windows mean no one can see in.

But not only will there be no eye candy on offer for thieves – but windows are also one of the weakest points in a shed’s security. And even with our toughened shatterproof glazing and options to upgrade to double-glazing on windowed models, it’s always a concern.

If there’s already a built-in window, you can completely block them out with BillyOh Ranger Apex Metal Shed With Foundation Kit

BillyOh Ranger Apex Metal Shed

Quality Storage Designs

It’s true that our metal shed models do lend themselves to use as security sheds. They’re known for their durability and robust qualities, making them an ideal choice if you want a secure shed to store your valuable items.

An Inexpensive Security Option

They’re also designed to withstand the harsh elements and are rust and corrosion-resistant, making them very low maintenance. They’re also usually cheaper for larger sizes due to the cost-effectiveness of the material.

However, even our BillyOh wooden sheds offer the quality of timber panels made from sturdy, European-sourced wood. Add to that their interlocking tongue and groove construction, you can be sure of the inherent security of our wide range of sheds.

At the end of the day, a good insurance policy will always be your best bet to fall back on. But you needn’t wait until that comes into effect. Start out by choosing a sturdy shed from a reputable seller.

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Our wooden sheds feature sturdy, interlocking tongue & groove panelling with reinforced framework in the corners. You can also opt for pressure-treatment which, as well as protecting against rot, ensures even better structural rigidity. We also use galvanised hinges on wooden sheds and steel for our metal sheds.

Simply follow the assembly instructions provided with your order. Using some basic tools (and a pair of helping hands) you can easily get your BillyOh shed up in a matter of hours.

Although not as optimal for use as, say, a garden office or potting shed, windowless options are synonymous with security. A windowless option not only deters thieves at the offset because they can't see if you have anything of value, it also deals with the fact that windows are a natural weak point.

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