Diagonal Design

Avoiding a straight path and using diagonals not only creates a longer line, but it also tricks the eye into thinking your garden is bigger than it is. The triangles which are formed from dividing your garden with diagonal lines are great for incorporating interesting planting areas.

Laying out paving slabs diagonally in a courtyard can be a great way of making your outdoor space appear larger. Repeating materials or plants also lends itself well to a small garden.

Perception with Circles

If you have two circles together as your lawn shape, use the circle closest to the house as the largest and make the circle furthest away smaller.

This is an effective way the emphasise the perspective and make the garden look longer than it really is. Accentuate the perspective of small gardens by incorporating circles into your garden.

Wide, Low Steps 

Wide, low steps are a great way of dividing up the garden. You can also use raised beds which help to create levels that will increase visual interest. This will also add to the perception that the garden is bigger than it is.

Laying the paving slabs at a 90-degree angle from the house and reducing the shorter sides so that those closest to the house are larger than those at a distance will create the illusion of length in your garden.

2. Think Upwards


This design trick works well combined with a garden which has been divided up, not allowing the whole garden to be seen or simply creating the illusion of an extended garden, is an effective way of making the garden feel bigger than it is.

False Doors 

A false door placed in a hedge or sectioning off your garden is a perfect way to make it appear like your garden is hiding something and continues through the door. Create a classic, secret garden feel to your outdoor space and paint it in a bright colour for an interesting feature!


Mirrors are a great way of creating the illusion of space in a small garden. Attach a mirror to the wall at the end of your garden. This will make it seem like your garden continues past the wall, creating the illusion of a garden that is double the length.

Adjoining Garden Fence 

This is a similar concept to the use of mirrors. Add a gate into the adjoining garden fence, although unused, it suggests that the garden extends further and that your garden has secrets to hide!