Step 1 – No Shed Gaps 

Your first port of call when dealing with spiders-in-the-shed may seem obvious – plugging any gaps. Stopping spiders getting into a garden shed is easier than trying to get them out.

If your wooden shed is brand new, you’re less likely to find gaps. Older models, however, may have wood that’s worn away and cracked a bit – perfect for our eight-legged friends. Start by making sure that all the joints are

Step 3 – Use spider repellent lining paper 

Lining paper is

Step 5 – Heavy-duty roofing felt  

You’re nearly an expert on spider-proofing a shed. Our fifth step for a perfect spider-proof shed is the installation of felt.

You’ve probably got some felt on your shed roof already, but heavy-duty polyester backed felt provides the best protection and is ideal for getting rid of spiders. The weight and thickness of the felt means that even with hours of searching for the right nook or cranny to scuttle through, no spider is getting into that shed!

With the added bonus of extra protection against the elements, heavy-duty roofing felt is a must-have if you’re looking for a spider-free shed.

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