BillyOh Tessa Tongue and Groove Reverse Apex Summerhouse

Your chosen wall thickness will have a significant impact on the insulation value.

Our experts recommend considering insulation if you have either 44mm or 70mm timber walls. This will surely guarantee a level of summer house insulation which ensures comfort throughout the winter — allowing for all year-round heat with low energy costs.

2. Heating to Benefit Your Summer House Insulation

A trendy option for summer houses is using electrical power as an energy source. This means no smoke, no need for burning materials, and no safety precautions. Just an electrical socket will do!

Listed down below are some of the options you may choose:


This heating device produces infrared radiation that can provide warmth to a person. However, with everything or everyone around the radiating field heating, they indirectly heat the air as well.

It can be a perfect investment for someone who uses their summer house all-year-round, as it can surely keep any garden building warm and cosy in winter.

Fan Heaters

They can quickly provide the warmth you need for your summer house, meaning there’s no pre-heating period. How cool is that?

Electric Fireplaces

Resembling a real-life fireplace, an electric fireplace combines the easy and safe handling of electrical heating. Now you can stay inside your summer house whilst feeling warm and cosy this winter.

3. Roof Gutters

Keeping your summer house protected from any water leakage – including the repeated dampening of the wooden parts – is also crucial. With that, we suggest investing a little extra to add roof gutters.

Not only they are easy to install, but they also do a great job in keeping your summer house dry, making sure it will last longer. If there are no leakages found and the roof is fully secured, your garden building will retain more warmth all winter, keeping it cosy inside, even when it’s chilly outdoors.

4. Extra Tip: Furnishings

BillyOh Tianna Log Cabin Summerhouse with Side Store
  • Garden Storage – As with many garden buildings, summer houses makes an excellent storage solution for your garden needs, as well as for your outdoor furniture, toys and bikes.
  • Workshop – Most summer houses are designed with larger windows, meaning that they can provide you with the right amount of space to install workbenches and racks to keep your gardening/craft tools safely organised.
  • Outdoor Dining –  Fill your summer house with a comfy dining set, paired with fun decorations, and enjoy your new outdoor dining experience!
  • Garden Office – Who would have thought that a summer house hidden away at the bottom of your garden could be used as an idyllic location to do your work? Include a sturdy desk with a comfy desk chair and working from home may have never been easier!

Quality Summerhouses at Reasonable Prices from Garden Buildings Direct!

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