2. They’re Eco-friendly

With a log cabin, you can rest assured that you’re adding a garden structure that’s environmentally friendly.

For example, our BillyOh log cabins are made from European-sourced timber. But, in general, log cabins are a sustainable investment made from renewable resources. 

And more than just being able to give yourself a pat on the back:

3. They’re Also Energy-efficient

Another bit of good news is that wood is also energy-efficient. That goes for whether you’re looking at a contemporary log cabin or a log cabin summerhouse.

There’s also a good reason that log cabins are so popular in cold countries. That’s because logs are energy efficient.

Timber garden products have a low thermal mass. This means that they have the ability to black and white photograph of a log cabin

So if a log cabin is good enough for a president, it’s good enough for you. And on top of that, a log cabin (whether it’s used as a shed or an office) can be a great long-term investment. By using energy-efficient materials your cabin can be inhabitable year-round.

Plus, building a log cabin can add value to your property. But it can also add value to your lifestyle with a lovely-looking addition to your garden. So whether you need a space to work or work out, a log cabin might just be for you. 

And if we’ve won you over to the idea, why not check out our Shop Garden Sheds


Are log cabins warm?
Yes – insulated log cabins and even log cabin kits provide a tight seal against the cold. Plus, wood absorbs and retains heat well.

Are log cabins a good investment?

We certainly think so! With proper wood treatment and care, a log cabin kit can last you for a long time. 

Can log cabins be insured?

Yes, but you might have to get specialist cover if it isn’t viewed as a permanent structure.

What kind of wood is used for log cabins?

Here at Garden Buildings Direct we only used European-sourced timber. That way, we can ensure durability, dependable quality, and sustainability.

How to build a log cabin

With a log cabin from Garden Buildings Direct, it couldn’t be simpler. All orders come with digital assembly instructions. So, with a team of at least 2 people, you can have your log cabin up in no time!

Can you live in a log cabin permanently?
A log cabin makes a great end-of-the-garden extension. Check out our customisable features like guttering and glazing to ensure a habitable space.

How much does a log cabin cost?

At Garden Builds direct we have a full range of log sheds and cabins starting from as low as £928.