One of the top lists of necessities for a green-fingered Brit’s shed is a practical workbench. Any old table will do the trick, however, the perfect potting workbench’s height should be comfortable to work at. As much as possible, ensure that the potting table has raised sides to prevent the compost and other materials to fall on the ground.

2. Bins

Instead of using plastic bags to keep the half-used compost or sand lying around, our experts recommend installing well-built lidded bins to keep your planting materials in easy reach for use. These sturdy bins can be ideally located underneath your work surface so they’re ready for potting.

3. A Place To Hang Your Tools


If you want to have that perfect potting shed, of course, you need a spare of pots to keep your shed stock.

5. A Wall of Shelves

There can be too much storage space for your utilitarian garden sheds. An abundance of pots will keep smaller items such as the labels, scissors, twines, dibbers and other gardening tools much easier to locate. These storage spaces will make your potting shed look neater and organized looking.

6. An Old Sink

Ideally, your potting shed will have a water source—and with that—we mean a sink that is big enough to accommodate the pots and watering cans.

7. Pot Storage

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