There are a lot of things to consider in growing fruits and vegetables in your garden. First on the list, of course, is the kinds of plants you prefer to grow.

Determine some of your favourite fruits, veggies, and herbs — especially the types that can be hard to find in the market or are best eaten minutes after they are harvested. Some of the best examples can be sweetcorn, carrots, garlic chives, and quinoa. Some of these can be much more hardy or fragile than others. With this in mind, opting for a greenhouse may be a wise move if you fear perishing plants.

2. Start on time


If it is not yet the best months to start planting your vegetables, you can use your time to lay the groundwork. Order your seeds and prepare your growing areas — either you prefer container gardening or traditional plant beds.

Dig over these areas and remove the weeds. You can also start buying or making your own compost. For some herbs, you can already plant and set them up in your kitchen nicely. Within two weeks, micro leaves will be ready for consumption.

4. Opt for young plants instead of seeds


There are three things to consider in determining the best place in planting vegetables: sunlight, soil, and environment.

Most veggies require at least 6 hours of direct sunlight every day, so choose the best spot for this purpose. This will improve the amount of your harvest and your vegetables’ size and taste.

When it comes to soil quality, you will need some nice, loamy soil to make sure that your plants’ roots will penetrate easily. You can enrich your soil quality with nutrient-rich compost and a proper drainage system.

In terms of environment, you will need to decide for a stable location that isn’t prone to flooding during rainy days nor one that tends to dry out a lot. You shouldn’t place your beds somewhere where there are frequent strong winds too, as they could knock over your seedlings and prevent pollinators from doing their job.

6. Decide on the best plot size

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