Showcase your characteristics merely through your outfit! Bring out your fun side and pull off a bright and colourful fashion statement.

A vivid outfit can instantly stand out as you enter the venue. So, if you want to be the party’s centre of attention, then go for this attire. Remember that bright colours are the best options for this attire but do a little experimentation on what hue suits you best.

This type of attire is used mainly if the celebration will occur at the beach or near a lake, or a pool.

2. Prints


Opting to wear a maxi dress in a BBQ party is one of the best getups to consider. Any style of this clothing type can make you feel very fresh and summery.

A maxi dress can be an outfit to an afternoon celebration. Though, it can also be the perfect attire for a summer gathering that happens around dinnertime until late evening.

You will never get wrong with a flowy dress in summer!

4. Polo


Pairing a mini skirt to a denim jacket could instantly make you feel young and sweet.

It is an effortless attire that you could pull off. Be comfortable the whole day with your mini pleated skirt paired with any thin fabric shirt and a denim jacket on top. It will be a hassle-free BBQ afternoon party for you!

6. Chino Shorts


According to style experts, consider those large flower prints if you want your dress to look flattering.

Meanwhile, shapely women should opt for a dress with small floral designs, as large flowers could add a few pounds to your silhouette. Smaller bulbs can work very well on average or more shapely bodies.

Know your body type so that you can look extra awesome with your floral dress. If you are the party organiser, on the other hand, and wants your theme to be floral, you can plant some fast-growing flowers to match your guests’ attire!

8. Denim

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