(stumpery garden in the corner of fence panels

(circular pond with patio, chair, and fire pit

(bird seed cup with up tilted mug held by string

(bamboo bumblebee hotel

hog home #1 hedgehog hotel with bricks and logs

(native meadow garden with pink flowers

(toad garden houses and statue

(wildlife planter border with flowers

(blue and green birdhouse on a white fence post with white fence in background

(circular wood pond with flowers in the corner of two brick walls

(small metal bucket pond with lilipads

hedgehogs going through cut out fence panels

hexagonal bug hotels on a wall


(winding stone path through a garden with bird feeders and ornaments

(fairy garden with a wheelbarrow and stairs leading into a tree

(path past garden screening and flower beds to a table and garden building

(garden with tiered gravel and a pond

(house with a large pot and climbing plants

(tall white and purple flowers with an obscured bench

(wooden birdhouse backed by plants and fields


(mini meadow in a plant pot

(fence with stone-edged flower bed

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