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Overlap cladding is the type of cladding you’d see on a typical garden fence. Overlap cladding is simply where one timber board overlaps the one next to it. This creates a seal and the two are nailed together. This can be done vertically (like with fences) or horizontally (like with sheds) to allow for water runoff. For more about cladding, check out this explainer.

Overlap sheds are great for storage. Overlap cladding is sufficiently weather resistant and makes for sturdy garden buildings. However, if you’re planning to spend a lot of time in your shed, you’ll probably want to opt for a tongue and groove alternative, for insulation purposes.

Overlap sheds are cheaper to purchase than tongue and groove or shiplap sheds, and provide a good natural water drainage system, due to the slanted nature of the boards which allows droplets to run off easily.

Unlike overlap cladding, tongue and groove panels slot together with notches that create a smooth surface. Shiplap (which is a type of tongue and groove cladding) also fits together with a lip. However, shiplap cladding still requires nails to fix boards together.

An overlap shed is a great option for storage on a budget. It’s construction allows for good weather-resistance and water runoff. However, a tongue and groove shed provides a tighter seal which is more weather resistant. Due to its construction, it’ll also insulate your shed better and is used to create sturdier sheds that can be used year-round.

Can you insulate an overlap shed?

Yes, there are a number of ways you can insulate an overlap shed similar to a tongue and groove one. These include using insulation batts in between the frame and a plasterboard wall to simply caulking any gaps and using a draught excluder. For more, check out this post on insulating a shed.